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2018 Annual Reports


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2017 Annual Reports




ACO NVRI annual report 2017 dragged 5     2018-2022 Strategic Plan  Titlepage
2016 Annual Reports  2016 annual report cover    2015 - 2019 Strategic Plan 2015-2019 Strat Plan Cover 
2015 Annual Reports 2015 Annual Report Cover   2014 - 2018 Strategic Plan  Strategic_Plan_-_Short_Version_-_Cover
2014 Annual Reports ACO annual report 2014   2009 - 2011 Strategic Plan  Strat_Plan_2009-11
2013 Annual Reports 2013_Annual_Report_Cover      
2012 Annual Report aco_report_2011-1cover  


2011 Annual Report aco_report_2011-1cover  

Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

May 2019 - May 2021


 ACO RAP frontcover web

2010 Annual Report

ACO_2010_Cover_Page_Page_01   A Closer Look at What We Do ACO_A_Closer_Look_Cover

2009 Annual Report

2009_Annual_Report_Cover_Page_01   Strengthening Eye Care Pathways
and Eye Care Access
Strengthening Eye Care Pathways Report 2016
2008 Annual Report Image not available   Barriers to Vision Correction for Children
in a Disadvantaged Community 
 Barriers to Vision Correction for Children in a Disadvantaged Community
2007 Annual Report 2007_Annual_Report_Cover_Page_01    Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report 2016-2017  WGEA Report 2017 cover page
2006 Annual Report 2006_VCO_AReport_Cover_Page_01  

Evaluation of the Victorian Aboriginal Spectacles Subsidy Scheme

A Summary Report 2016

 VASSS summary report image
2005 Annual Report 2005_Annual_Report_Cover_Page_01    Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report 2017-2018  WEGA PublicReport 2018 cover
2004 Annual Report 2004_Annual_Report_Cover_Page_01    Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report 2018-2019  WGEA PublicReportCover 2019
2003 Annual Report 2003_Annual_Report_Cover_Page_01      
2002 Annual Report 2002_Annual_Report_Cover_Page_01      
2001 Annual Report 2001_Annual_Report_Cover_Page_01      
2000 Annual Report 2000_Annual_Report_Cover_Page_01      
1999 Annual Report Image not available      
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