Costs and Benefits

The ACO provides high quality affordable eyecare for Victorians. Examinations are bulk billed to Medicare (with a few exceptions for some more advanced services) so normally no consultation fee is paid by the patient.

The Victorian Eyecare Service (VES), funded by the Victorian Government, provides subsided glasses, contact lenses and visual aids to Victorians on a Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card.  Subsidised glasses start from $41 (single vision).  For patients without a concession card, glasses start from $99.

The ACO has an extensive range of frames and a team of dedicated dispensers to assist you with your lens and frame choice.  



 Prices start from

Subsidised glasses

Single Vision (Reading or Distance)  from $41.50
Bifocal  from $56.00
Multifocal from $99.50
Contact lens ** from $55.00



Prices are correct from July 2017 and subject to change.

  • VES benefits are only available to eligible patients.
  • VES benefits are available only if glasses or a change of glasses is clinically necessary. Clinical need will be determined by the practitioner.
  • Only one pair of reading glasses and one pair of distance glasses, or one pair of bifocal, or one pair of progressive glasses may be subsidised by the VES every two years. Progressive glasses can only be provided when there is clear clinical indication determined by the practitioner and only a limited and basic range of progressive lens designs is available through the VES.
  • Glasses with photochromic lenses and antiscratch lens coatings are not generally available with VES lenses and tints may only be provided with specific clinical indication. Non-spectacle low vision aids and ultra-violet coatings are also not available.
  • If you wish to use your present glasses frame it must be of suitable quality and in very good condition to be used with new lenses.
  • Lenses cannot be fitted to rimless or nylon rim frames in the VES.
  • A surcharge of $16.00 is payable for the replacement of lost or broken glasses or lenses within two years of previous Victorian Eyecare Service subsidy and is limited to one pair of replacement glasses every two years.
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