Disability Services

The Australian College provides optometric services to people with intellectual, physical, sensory and/or multiple disabilities through its Disability Service.Disabled_man

People with disabilities may have complex optometric problems and need specialist optometric services. They are usually on low incomes or are recipients of government support for financial and other services and may have difficulty accessing optometric care.  

There are two divisions in the Disability Services. The first is a Disability Clinic established within the Carlton Clinic. The second division is a Visiting Disability Service which provides optometric care off-site to individuals with disabilities. Please note this service is only available if there are four or more people with disabilities requiring care at the one site.  This eliminates difficulties with transport and often patients respond better when examined in familiar surroundings.  Specialist optometric assessment is possible even if the patient is nonverbal and uses charts, matching techniques, pictures and looking cards to measure vision.  Even if the patient does not follow instructions, it is possible to assess whether the patient requires glasses, whether the eyes coordinate and move well together and whether the eyes are healthy.  After establishing a patient's level of visual functioning, we try to relate it into practical terms. This information can be useful for training programs with people with disabilities and for trying to maximise their vision.  Patients are referred if they require further treatment to their eyes.

Optometrists Association Australia has a list of optometrists who perform domicilliary visits if less than 4 people require a home assessment at one site.  These optometrists do not have access to the Victorian Eyecare Scheme but may still offer low prices for glasses.

Location Carlton and through the Visiting Disability Service

Any person of any age holding a Health Care Card of Pensioner Concession Card who has an intellectual, physical, sensory and/or multiple disability may access the Disability Services.  


No referral is required unless under the care of another eye care practitioner.

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