Low Vision Services

Low_VisionThe Low Vision Clinics can help you to make the best use of your remaining vision.  
The Australian College of Optometry provides Optometry Low Vision Services in our Carlton Clinic and throughout Victoria.  The service is provided in partnership with Vision Australia.  



ACO Low Vision Clinic @ Carlton
The ACO Low Vision Clinic provides specialist low vision care and advice to all patients with low vision. Patients attending the Low Vision Clinic will be assessed by an optometrist followed by an occupational therapist.

  • Your optometrist will determine your current level of vision and will assess if glasses, magnifiers or other visual devices can assist you.  They can advise on the condition that caused your low vision and also monitor your eye heath, if required. 
  • Your occupational therapist will assess how your vision loss has affected activities in your daily life and provide you with information about strategies and equipment for managing these. They will also talk to you about additional services that are available and make referrals if you are interested in receiving these services.


If further specialist rehabilitative services are required, this will be arranged through Vision Australia.  These services include:
  • Library services
  • Recreation services
  • Technology advice and training services
  • Orientation and mobility training
  • Social and emotional support
  • Employment services



Referrals for the ACO Low Vision are welcome from optometrists, ophthalmologists, GP's and others. Referral pads and brochures are available by contacting the ACO ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 9349 7400)  or a referral pad can be downloaded here.  

Vision Australia Low Vision Clinics

The Australian College of Optometry provide optometrists to Vision Australia Low Vision Clinic throughout Victoria. These low vision clinics are co-ordinated by and run at Vision Australia offices.  The Low Vision Clinics are staffed by a multidisciplinary team who provide a wide range of assistance to those with low vision.

Patients attending the Low Vision Clinic will usually be assessed by an optometrist to review their vision and glasses or magnifiers. There is a range of other staff available at Vision Australia to assist patients, including:
  • Occupational Therapists - to assist with daily living activities eg. writing, pouring, cooking, telephone and money
  • Orthoptists - to assist with lighting advice and training to make best use of the magnifiers 
  • Low Vision Adviser - to assist with referrals to various services and application for concessions, counselling, groups, linkage with local government services
  • Orientation and mobility instructors - to assist with moving around safely and independently, to assist with mobility devices

Vision Australia Low vision clinics do not provide general eye care services.  



Consultations are bulk billed to Medicare, so there is no out of pocket fee, if you are:
• A Pensioner Concession or Health Care Card holder (or listed as a dependent)
• An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person
• A refugee or asylum seeker


Other patients will no longer be bulk billed for low vision services. This means that you will be required to pay an out of pocket fee of $35 (in most instances). Full payment of your consultation fee will be required on the day ($120.25) and our staff will process your claim with Medicare so that you will receive your rebate within 2 working days.

All low vision aids are supplied at a reasonable cost.
Glasses are also available if necessary. The clinics do not offer dispensing services for glasses supplied by other practitioners.
If you have a Pensioner Concession Card or have held a Health Care Card for at least 6 months, you may be eligible for subsidised glasses. Magnifiers can also be provided at subsidised rates through Carlton clinic only.


Australian College of Optometry Low Vision Clinic @ Carlton: Corner of Keppel and Cardigan St, Carlton 3053

Low vision clinics are run at Vision Australia offices in Albury, Ballarat, Bendigo, Boronia, Dandenong, Eltham, Geelong, Horsham, Kensington, Kooyong, Mildura, Shepparton, Warragul and Warnambool.

Eligibility You can be referred to a Low Vision Clinic by your GP, optometrist or ophthalmologist.  If you feel you may benefit from  the Low Vision services please talk to your optometrist or ophthalmologist.
Make an appointment


For an appoinment at Low Vision Clinic @ Carlton, contact ACO on 9349 7400 (general enquiries) or 9349 7455 (appointments).  For Vision Australia clinics, contact Vision Australia on 1300 847 466 (1300 VISION)



Please direct requests for information to:
Ms Mae Chong
Lead Optometrist Low Vision
Telephone: 9349 7400
Vision Australia
1300 847 466
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