Loans Procedure

This following defines the procedures used for the loan of items held in the Library.

1. Borrowing Policy

Items can be borrowed for the period as indicated:

Item Borrowing Period

Main Collection, Hewett Collection,  Audiovisual CDs

4 weeks

Reserve Collection, Equipment, DVDs

Overnight & over the weekend

Journals, Special Collections, Reference Collection, Standards

Generally not for loan

2. Eligibility 

a) ACO members (including student members) and staff are able to use the Library and borrow items.
b) Borrowers need to apply to be registered on the First database in order to borrow items.
c) A Library Card is issued to ACO student members.

3. General  Borrowing Conditions

Loans vary for different borrowers and Collections as follows:

Item Members and Staff Students (Undergrads) Students (Postgrads)

Main Collection, Reserve Collection and Equipment

Yes Yes Yes


No No Yes*
Reference Collection No No Yes*
Special Collections No No No

 On the condition that Journals are returned within 24 hours.  Must sign the Journal Register (in/out).

4. Loan Terms

The loan period and terms vary, according to the Collection and borrower category, as follows:

Main Collection Members and Staff Students (Undergrads and Postgrads)
No of items 5 5
Loan period 4 weeks but can borrow for longer period if no other demand 4 weeks

No of renewals

2 renewals and longer if no other demand

2 renewals and longer if no other demand


Reserve Collection

Members and Staff

Students (Undergrad) Students (Postgrads)

No of items

2 2 2

Loan period

Overnight or longer if no other demand



No of renewals

up to 3 renewals, provided no other demand 

2 3 renewals and more if no other demand
5. Holding Reserve Books

Only books from the Reserve Collection and equipment can be reserved.

Reservation is valid for the day until 4.45pm. If the item is not collected by 5.oopm it can be borrowed by others.

6. Return of Items

Borrowed items should be returned to the reserve window when the window is open.

At other times, items should be placed  in the Returns Box (or if it does not fit, to Library staff).

7. Late Returns

The following charges apply to late returns:

Item Charge

Reserve Collection and Equipment

0.50 per day

Main Collection

0.50 per day


8. Loss or Damage of Items

Any items that are lost or damaged must be reported immediately to the Librarian in order for a replacement to be purchased. The replacement cost is the responsibility of the borrower and an invoice will be issued accordingly.    

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