Wherever possible, the ACO offers optional assessment of CPD events. The College supports a robust assessment process that ensures optometrists have gained an understanding of the subject matter of the specific CPD.

How Does the CPD With Optional Assessment Work?

  • Currently, online optional assessment opportunities are provided for the webinars, courses, seminar series lectures and the ACO National Conference.
  • Online assessments are accessible via the ACO Centre for Online Resources and eLearning (ACO CORE)
  • Additional CPD points are available for CPD with assessment as indicated by the Optometry Board of Australia ‘Guidelines on Continuing Professional Development for Endorsed and Non-endorsed Optometrists’. Where possible, optional assessment for ACO CPD will be promoted beforehand, or on the day of an event.
  • Assessment is generally in the form of a multiple choice questionnaire usually consisting of 10 questions. A score of at least 70% is required to receive additional points for CPD with assessment. Optometrists scoring less than 70% will receive points for CPD without assessment.
  • Optometrists will be provided with feedback to indicate whether they have achieved 70% or more (or less) accuracy. Optometrists will have two opportunities to attempt each question will be provided with feedback on their answers. Optometrists who do not achieve 70% accuracy will be advised.


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