Course Structure



ACO-Advanced Certificate in Children’s Vision Detailed Course Plan

Study Schedule Commencing 27thJanuary

Week Week Commencing Topic Lecture Title
Didactic Learning
1 27th January
  1. Welcome Lecture
Welcome and Course philosophy
2 3rd February
  1. Binocular Vision
Children's Vision: An Overview
3 10th February Accommodation and Vergence Assessment and Management
4 17th February Release of 2 Diagnostic and Management cases
5 24th February
  1. Amblyopia Overview
Amblyopia Overview
6 2nd March Amblyopia Management
  1. Strabismus
Strabismus Work-up
8 Optometric Management of Esotropia
9 Incomitant Strabismus
10 Sensory Conditions of Strabismus
11 Infantile onset Strabismus
Release of 1 Diagnostic and Management case
12 13th April Easter Break
13 20th April
  1. Nystagmus
14 27th April
  1. Vision therapy
The evidence behind Vision Therapy
15 4th May
  1. Learning Related Vision Problems
Learning Related Vision Problems
16 11th May
17 18th May 
  1. DVIP
Developmental Vision Information Processing 
18  25th May
  1. Paediatric Ocular Disease
Paediatric Ocular Disease
Release of 1 Diagnostic and Management case
19  1st June
  1. Myopia Control
Myopia Control
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