Course Structure




The Australian College of Optometry's Advanced Certificate in Children’s Vision is an online, highly focused and clinically advanced course following an evidence based approach.

Topics Covered Include:

Welcome Lecture - Discussion of course asessments and Critical Appraisal Hurdle Preparation

Topic 1: Paediatric Optometry: A Basic Overview- Dr Nellie Deen, Paediatric Lead Optometrist ACO

Topic 2: Binocular Vision - Dr Nellie Deen, Paediatric Lead Optometrist, ACO, Supplemental lecture with another perspective by Jean Walters)

Topic 3:  Amblyopia

  • Amblyopia Overview - Dr Lisa Hamm
  • Amblyopia Management  - Dr Tina Gao

Topic 4:  Strabismus 

  • Strabismus workup
  • Optometric and Ophthalmic Strabismus - Dr Francoise Rateau
  •  Incomitant Strabismus and Sensory Conditions of Strabismus -  Dr Paul Croucher
  • Infantile Onset Strabismus - Dr Lionel Kowal


Topic 5:  Nystagmus - Dr Elaine Wong

Topic 6:  Evidence Behind Vision Therapy - Dr Elisse Higginbotham and Dr Peter Nixon

Topic 7: Learning Related Vision Problems

  • Learning Related Vision Problems - Dr Danny Chew

Topic 8: DVIP - Dr Elisse Higginbotham

Topic 9:  Paediatric Ocular Diseases-Dr Anu Matthew and RCH team

Topic 10 : Myopia Control - Dr Monica Jong

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