All 90 questions are based on real and practical case studies across the nine skill sets. Once finished the optometrist is provided with a colour coded results page showing strengths and weaknesses across the nine skills, their individual score across each skill and a total overall score (see below).

This feedback provides the user with a quick overview of their level of skill in diagnosing glaucoma. Against each skill tested, a 'what's next' icon will lead them to further education options to improve that skill. This will support the development of individual learning goals by identifying areas for further development.

results image1


For the first time in Australian optometric education, optometrists individual scores and overall scores will be benchmarked against other users who have completed the module. Each program user will also be able to re-sit the test within 12 months in order to re assess their progress.

The online program takes between 45-75 minutes to complete and will provide a guide for further study options.


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