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ACO National Conference Program

The Australian College of Optometry’s 10th National Conference features two days of clinical lectures featuring world leading presenters from Australia.


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Day 1 Saturday 5 October


From To Session   Topic Speaker
8:15am 9:00am Registration Day 1      
9:00am 9:15am Welcome   Welcome & introduction Ms Maureen O'Keefe
9:15am 10:15am Session 1 Keynote address 1 From ASSORT to Vector Planning : Everything that You Wanted to Know about Astigmatism and are Now Welcome to Ask! Prof Noel Alpins AM
10:15am 11:15am Session 2   Selecting the Appropriate Antibiotic – Topical Issues for Ocular Tissues (T) Prof Alex Gentle
11:15am 11:40am MORNING TEA      
11:40am 12:40pm Session 3   Eyelid Reconstructive Surgery  Dr Maryla Stelmach
12:40pm 1:40pm Session 4   Glaucoma Treatment : What is on the Horizon? (T)  Dr Raj Pathmaraj
1:40pm 2:20pm LUNCH      
2:20pm 3:20pm Session 5  

3 Hot Topics – One on One Discussions

Topic 1: The Time has Come for all Optometrists to Start Using the title “Doctor”

Topic 2: Can Omega-3’s Play a Significant Part in Dry Eye?

Topic 3: Orthokeratology – Is it  a Long Term Treatment for Myopia?

Dr Graham Lakkis / Prof Alex Gentle

Prof Noel Alpins AM / Dr Raj Pathmaraj

Dr Wilson Heriot / Dr Kate Gifford

3:20pm 3:45pm AFTERNOON TEA      
3:45pm 4:45pm Session 6   Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCT-A) vs Fluorescein Angiography (FA)   (T) Dr Graham Lakkis
4:45pm 5:45pm Session 7 1A Elective Myopia Minimisation : Which Approach is Best? Dr Kate Gifford
      1B Elective Nanosecond Laser Technology  – the LEAD Study in AMD Risk Reduction Dr Wilson Heriot
5:45pm 7:00pm COCKTAIL PARTY  


Day 2  Sunday 6 October


From To Session   Topic Speaker
8:00am 9:00am Session 8 Breakfast Session Essentials of Veterinary  Ophthalmology Dr Simon Hurn
8:45am 9:00am Registration Day 2      
9:00am 9:10am Welcome       
9:10am 10:10am Session 9 Keynote address 2 OrthoK and Multi-focal Contact Lenses for Myopia  - Why Binocular Vision Matters (T) Dr Kate Gifford
10:10am 10:40am MORNING TEA      
10:40am 12:05pm Session 10 10A Public Health Symposium
  • Working Overseas : What to Do and What Not to Do
  • Reducing Vision Loss from Diabetes – Early Progress with the New KeepSight Program
  • iCareTrack : Improving the Care Delivery of Glaucoma and Diabetic Eyecare


  • Dr Gillian Cochrane
  • Mr Simon Hanna
  • Dr Isabelle Jalbert

10B OCT Workshop

Diagnosis of Glaucoma Using OCT 

Dr Adrian Bruce

And OCT suppliers

12:05pm 1:05pm Session 11 Geriatric Medicine  Providing Optimal Care During the Twilight Years  Dr Kelly Wright 
1:05pm 2:00pm LUNCH      
2:00pm 2:15pm   Presentation from Platinum Sponsor   
2:15pm  3:15pm Session 12 2A Elective Optimising Cataract Surgery Co-management Outcomes: Things Not to Miss (T) Dr Mick Loughnan
    Session 13 2B Elective Avoiding Litigation: When to Treat, When to Refer and How to Recognise Potentially Life or Sight Threatening Conditions (T)  Dr Lewis Levitz
3:15pm 3:45pm AFTERNOON TEA      
3:45pm 4:45pm Session 14 Conculding Session Sex, Tears and Contact Lenses Dr Isabelle Jalbert 

Monday 21 October 


10:00am to 1:00pm   CPR Course     Venue: Australian College of Optometry, 374 Cardigan St, Carlton      

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