Candidate Requirements

To participate in the course, candidates will need:
•    An email address for communications with the Course Program Director
•    Access to a computer – PC or Mac (refer to specifications below)

Computer Specifications
As a guide, your computer will need the following minimum specifications:

• PC: Up-to-date version of Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox
• MAC: Up-to-date version of Safari or Chrome

Operating Systems
• PC: Windows 7 and above
• MAC: Lion 10.7 and above

• Adobe Flash Player 10.2
• Adobe Reader
• Skype

Internet Connection
•Fast and reliable broadband connection: 350kbps upload / 350kbps download

• Keyboard and mouse
• Speakers (either inbuilt or external)
• 1Gb RAM
• 1GHz Processor (PC)
• 1GHz Intel Processor (Core 2 Duo) (MAC)
• 1280 X 1024 resolution display preferred (notebooks and net-books may operate on other resolutions)

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