Course Outline

Course Duration and Schedule

Final Course commencement date is Monday 10 June 2019.

It is anticipated that candidates will complete the course within 6 months of commencement, including assessments.

A tentative course schedule is provided below:

 2019  Certificate in Public Health Optometry 

Week  w/c     
Module 1 - Public Health
1 27-May Lecture 1 Foundations of public health
2 3-Jun Lecture 2 Study Design and Measures of Association
3 10-Jun Lecture 3 Health & Eye Health Protection & Prevention
4 17-Jun Lecture 4 Health Promotion
5 24-Jun Lecture 5 Cultural Competence and Health Literacy
6 1-Jul Lecture 6 Australia's Health Care System
7 8-Jul Lecture 7 Global Health and Eye Health
8 15-Jul Lecture 8 Indigenous Eye care
9 22-Jul Lecture 9 Eycare for disadvantaged and vulnerable populations
10 29-Jul Lecture 10 The Future of Public Eye Health- Shaping the Role of Optometry
11 5-Aug Study break  
12 12-Aug Exam A week Exam A Date TBA
Module 2 - Leadership in Public Health Optometry
13 19-Aug Lecture 11 Public Health Leadership & Management
14 26-Aug Lecture 12  Health Management and Clinical Leadership - A New Paradigm
15 2-Sep Lecture 13 The Future of Work, the Role of Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion in the New World of Work
16 9-Sep Lecture 14 Teams, Partnerships and Networking
17 16-Sep Lecture 15 Advocacy and Communication
18 23-Sep  Advise Project Topic  
19 30-Sep Reflective Essay Due  
18 7-Oct    
19 14-Oct    
20 21-Oct Project due  
21 28-Oct Study break  
22 4-Nov Exam  B week Exam B Date TBA

Note: This schedule provides an indication only. Candidates should check with the ACO for examination dates and times prior to making any leave or travel arrangements.


The online course will involve approximately 17 hours of online lectures, at least 10 hours of self-directed learning via reading and online videos. At the completion of this course, candidates should understand 

  • public health fundamentals including epidemiology
  • biostatistics
  • health systems
  • promotion & literacy 
  • global eye health
  • indigenous eye care 
  • eyecare for disadvantaged and vulnerable populations
  • public health future leadership
  • the future of work, diversity and inclusion
  • health management and clinical leadershiop
  • networking and partnerships
  • advocacy and communication



Two online multiple choice assessments will be held on fixed dates,fixed times in August and November. Exam A will cover  Public Health and Exam B will cover Leadership.  A 70 % pass rate is required. Content marked as required reading in the reading list is examinable material.

Assessment also includes  contribution to the forum, plus the submission of a 1000 word Reflective Paper and a 2000 word Project.


Reflective Essay Linking A & B  (1000 words)

A discussion on the importance of leadership in public health optometry reflecting on the candidate's own leadship attributes and how they can utilise the knowledge from teh course to contribute to positive outcomes.


Project  (2000 words)

Practising the skills learnt from the certifciate course, candidates are required to come up with a project that incorporates the learnings from both the public health module and the leadership module.

Topic ideas need to be submitted to the Course Program Manager for approval by Week 18. 

Some suggestions include

  • a public health promotion plan for an issue in optometry
  • a program for your practice that addreses  one of the key public health issues
  • an intervention plan for a public health issue
  • a workplace policy on diversity, inclusion, cultural competence



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