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Clinical Workshops  are practical demonstrations delivered in a small group environment.  These workshops are often conducted in the clinic at ACO Carlton to enable participants to practise techniques under personal instruction.  Participants are welcome to bring their own equipment. Each workshop attracts CPD points as indicated below and optional assessments are offered online for further CPD points.     

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2019 Clinical Workshops


Date    2019


AU CPD Points

(includes assessment)

NZ CE Points

Saturday 6 April 2019

9.30am - 4.00pm

Paediatric Optometry 


Presented by  Mr Tim Fricke, Dr Shivanand Sheth, Dr Nellie Deen and Ms Christa Sipos-Ori


Paediatric optometry is a challenging and rewarding branch of our profession that offers us ample opportunities to assume a wider and continuing role in the care that we deliver to our young patients.  

Nellie Deen will get the ball rolling by inviting us to consider the management of myopia by pharmaceutical and other means; Tim Fricke will demystify the esoteric topic of strabismic management. Shivanand Sheth will draw upon his experience as a paediatric ophthalmologist and alert us to the ‘red flags’ - those conditions which we should not miss.


The afternoon will be devoted to three concurrently running practical sessions. Each of you will have the opportunity to observe and practise techniques at three stations. Christa Sipos-Ori will assume responsibility for the diagnosis and management of accommodation and vergence disorders. Nellie will provide us with practical hints and suggestions to enable us to systematically manage our amblyopic patients. Tim will demonstrate those diagnostic skills that are essential in the management of strabismic patients.  The ‘hands-on’ evaluations will undoubtedly make all of us feel more competent and confident when young patients enter our practices!


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Sat 22 June

9.30am - 1.00pm

Diagnosis of Glaucoma using OCT (T)


Presented by Dr Adrian Bruce and representatives of equipment supply companies


Optometrists are increasingly aware of the importance of optical coherence tomography (OCT) in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. Patients with glaucoma often have no symptoms and yet it is a potentially blinding condition if undetected. This clinical workshop will be particularly useful for practitioners who wishes to develop their proficiency in glaucoma diagnosis and management. The workshop will commence with an introductory lecture that will include the different patterns of loss in glaucoma that are evident with OCT. Remarkably, modern instruments often allow the detection of change before visual field loss. The latest information will be presented on conditions that may mimic glaucoma, including some brain tumours and other lesions. Attendees will have ample opportunities to become acquainted with a number of OCT devices. Representatives of the respective ophthalmic companies will demonstrate the ways to scan the optic nerve and ganglion cell layer and to gain maximum information from the procedures. 




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Sat 22 June

1.30pm - 5.00pm

The Use of OCT in the Diagnosis of Retinal Diseases

Presented by Mr Roman Serebrianik


The ability to competently interpret the results of an OCT scan is of vital importance for any optometrist who engages in the management or co-management of ocular disease. This clinical workshop will appeal to clinicians who regularly perform OCT scans and would like to improve their analyses of the data to assist them in the management of their patients.   Following an introductory lecture that will contrast OCT scans of eyes that are physiologically normal with those that have undergone various pathological changes, the presenters will consider a variety of case studies. Attendees are encouraged to bring scans from their practices to stimulate discussion.


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Sat 6 July 2019

9.30am -5.00pm



Orthokeratology, Anterior Segment OCT & Mini-scleral Contact Lenses

Mini-scleral contact lenses (CLs) offer some important optical, mechanical and therapeutic benefits over conventional rigid gas permeable and soft lenses. Adrian and Andrew will commence with an overview of the two important skills of corneal imagery - topography and tomography. This presentation will be followed by a lecture on mini-scleral contact lenses. Later in the morning, registrants will have ample opportunities to refine their techniques at performing topography and tomography. 


During the afternoon, the fascinating world of orthokeratology will be explored. An introductory lecture will once again be followed by an extensive practical session. Attendees will be encouraged to try their hands at fitting orthokeratology contact lenses and mini-scleral contact lenses.


Presented by Dr Adrian Bruce & Dr Andrew Huhtanen


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Sat 27 July 2019

1:30pm  - 5:00pm


Venue TBC

The Use of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for the Diagnosis of Glaucoma and Retinal Conditions 


Presented by Dr Abishek Sharma, Dr David Gunn, Mr Roman Serebrianik

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Sat 3 August 2019

9.30am to 2.00pm

Dry Eye Clinical Workshop


Presented by 

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2 CPD points (assessment)


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Sat 10 Aug 2019

9.30am - 1.00pm


Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy, Scleral Indentation,  Pre-corneal Fundus Lens Evaluation & Contact Fundus Lens Examination


This clinical workshop will certainly appeal to optometrists who would like to become acquainted with these useful clinical techniques and will also be of value to practitioners who would like to become more proficient at the procedures. The day will commence with an introductory lecture that will be delivered by Dr Rosie Dawkins; the skills of binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy, scleral indentation, pre-corneal fundus lens examination and contact fundus lens evalation will be discussed.  During the practical session, participants can refine their clinical skills of examination of the posterior segment. the presenters will assist candidates in becoming acquainted with a range of instruments and lenses.  They will also offer some valuable troubleshooting steps that should be borne in mind when performing the procedures. 

Presented by

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$462 single session or $699 for both

Sat 10 Aug 2019

1.30pm - 5.00pm

Gonioscopy and other Glaucoma Assessment Techniques


This workshop is ideal for optometrists who would like to learn the fundamentals of gonioscopy or for those clinicians who wish to practise the technique more competently. Nathan will commence proceedings with a discussion on the importance of gonioscopy in the assessment and management of glaucoma.  Nathan will review the observations of the irido-corneal angle and discuss the anomalies that an optometrist is likely to encounter. During the practical session, the presenters will demonstrate the use of a variety of gonioscopic lenses, the procedure of optical coherence tomography (OCT) of the anterior segment and the technique of pachymetry.


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 *(T) Therapeutically Endorsed CPD

Note: 1.  Details are accurate at time of publication but the ACO reserves the right to make changes as required.   2.  Events are subject to sufficient participant numbers.  3. Clinical Workshops often involve direct examination of subjects and participants are required to be a registered optometrist in Australia or New Zealand and hold current professional indemnity insurance. Refer to the ACO CPD Policy.

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