Email security

The ACO is moving to secure mail to support the environment and in order to expedite our referral process.  All emails from the following email addresses are encrypted using Microsoft Office 365 Office Message Encryption (OME).

The ACO’s encrypted email addresses are:

  • ca-secure@aco.org.au
  • er-secure@aco.org.au
  • bm-secure@aco.org.au
  • bb-secure@aco.org.au
  • dn-secure@aco.org.au
  • fr-secure@aco.org.au
  • wh-secure@aco.org.au
  • kn-secure@aco.org.au
  • el-secure@aco.org.au

OME secure message solution meets the recommendations of Optometry Australia with regards to secure messaging.


OME encrypted messages are accessible through the recipient’s regular email account. This includes Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! and other email services. The recipient is directed via a wrapper email to the OME Portal where they are authenticated before accessing the encrypted message.