NVRI fellowship


The NVRI Fellow Award recognises scientists who have made an outstanding contribution to vision science. Anyone who has conducted vision science research and demonstrated a high impact in the field is eligible. While considered on an annual basis, there is no requirement to give the award each year.

2022 NVRI Fellowship recipient Prof Nathan Efron AC
2022 NVRI Fellowship recipient Prof Nathan Efron AC

NVRI Fellows

Prof Robert Augusteyn
Prof Ian Bailey
Emer Prof Peter O Bishop, AO
Dr David M Cockburn OAM, FACO
Prof Barry Cole AO, FACO
Edmund F Coote
Dr Geoffrey H Henry
Prof Abbie Hughes
Prof William Levick
Prof Paul Martin
Prof Donald Mitchell
Prof John Pettigrew
Prof Jan Provis
Prof Allan Snyder Emer
Prof David I Vaney
A/Prof Rodney Watkins AM, FACO
Prof Robert Weale
Dr Gerald Westheimer
Prof Rachel Wong
Prof Ulrike Grunert
Prof Shaun Collin
Prof Nathan Efron AC



Honorary Life Members

Jean Colledge PSM