Continuing professional development

As a requirement of national registration, optometrists must complete a minimum of 80 points of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities over two registration periods. The Australian College of Optometry is committed to ensuring optometrists have access to high quality, innovative CPD.

In general, ACO CPD is open to optometrists (ACO members and non-members), optometry students and other health professionals. There are specific requirements for registrants wishing to attend clinical workshops or other events where there is direct examination of subjects. ACO certificates courses are generally only available to optometrists currently registered in Australia or New Zealand. For more information please refer to individual courses or events.

Obtaining CPD points:

The ACO is an approved CPD provider by the Optometry Board of Australia and records CPD points gained by participants for the renewal of national registration. CPD points for completion of current year assessments will be recorded on your ACO CPD point statement issued early December. Assessments for previous years will need to be self-recorded. It is your responsibility to ensure each activity is completed only once.

Calculating CPD points:

1 hour attendance in person = 2 CPD points
1 hour attendance in person + completion of online assessment (70% pass rate) = 3 CPD points
1 hour on-line viewing = 1 CPD point (self-recording)
No points will be allocated for completing the assessment without viewing or attending the lecture.

Registering and paying for education programs:

Email: cpd@aco.org.au
Phone: (03) 9349 7477