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OCT Interpretation by the Colours

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a revolution in clinical eyecare and has rapidly become a key tool in clinical risk management.

This lecture is developed by clinicians for clinicians providing a quick and easy reference guide to interpreting OCT scans. Presented in an easy to watch online for, this lecture covers everything from common conditions to the rare but serious presentations.

  • Recognise normal and abnormal features of an OCT image of the macula
  • Identify “red disease” and “green disease” i.e. sources of error in OCT scans
  • Describe typical OCT patterns of loss in glaucoma and relation to the visual field
  • Classify typical OCT patterns of change in diabetes and macular degeneration
  • Interpret OCT reports showing “white” on the thickness or normative data scales
  • Discuss the role of OCT in same day referrals for possible brain tumours or other important systematic conditions.
General information
  • CPD: 2 point (Australia); 1 point (New Zealand)
  • Cost:
    Members         $55
    Non-member   $110
  • Registration:
    Members can register online through the iMIS Member Portal.
    Non-members can register by downloading a registration form
  • Access: www.acocore.com
  • Duration: 72 minutes
  • Presented by: Dr Adrian Bruce and Mr Roman Serebrianik
  • Available until 30 November 2020