Staff spotlight: NVRI in Germany

6 October 2022

Michael Ibbotson and Jason Jung have returned from a very successful trip to Berlin where Michael was an invited speaker at the Bernstein Conference satellite meeting, “Major transitions in cortical circuit evolution”.

It was a great opportunity for the team to finally meet collaborator Professor Kerstin Schmidt, from the Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil. Michael’s presentation was well received and there are plans to start a new collaboration with colleagues from the Max Planck Institute in Germany

We are also delighted to let everyone know that a key related paper – an important new discovery in the field of visual evolution – has been published thanks to the efforts of the team, who led a complex collaboration between neuroscientists, engineers, veterinarians and evolutionary specialists across multiple institutions.

Jung YJ, Almasi A, Sun S, Yunzab M, Cloherty SL, Bauquier SH, Renfree M, Meffin H, Ibbotson MR (2022). Orientation pinwheels in primary visual cortex of a highly visual marsupial. Sci. Adv. 8 eabn0954, 30 September 2022.

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Michael Ibbotson and Jason Jung in Berlin, 2022
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