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Membership to the Australian College of Optometry 

What is the Australian College of Optometry?

The Australian College of Optometry (ACO) is an independent, not for profit organisation, member based organisation dedicated to preserving sight and preventing blindness.

Incorporated in 1940, it aims to be a world-leading institution in the science of optometry by supporting the education and continuous professional development of current and new generations of optometrists, advancing eye and vision care through research and graduate education and providing community care through the provision of comprehensive public health eye care services.

What does the ACO do?

An innovator in professional development, the ACO was the first in Australia to offer a planned program of continuing education to the optometry profession in recognition of the importance of
‘life long learning’. Today the ACO provides:

  • Unique, specialised clinical workshops
  • Short seminars
  • Courses
  • High quality interactive webinars
  • National conference
  • The OCANZ accredited Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics online course (with local placements) that enables scheduled medicine endorsement for registered optometrists
  • Advanced certificate level courses in contact lens, glaucoma and children's vision


Becoming a Member of the ACO

Optometrists, optometry students and members of the community with a special interest in optometry, are invited to apply for membership, using the Membership Application Form. (Note: Registered 1st year graduates are offered complimentary Full Membership for one year and optometry students are eligible for free, Student Membership).  All members of the ACO agree to abide by the ACO's Code of Ethics & Conduct Standards.

Application Form

2018 Membership application form and more information

For information on membership benefits, see ACO Member Services - What Do Members Receive?

Membership Categories of the ACO and Associated Fees for 2018 are as follows

Category of Membership







Member $340 $309.09

An optometrist who is registered to practise in Australia or New Zealand

Member working less than 10 hours

$255 $231.82 Registered optometrist eligible for ACO Membership but currently working less than 10  hours per week (25% discount)

Non Practicing Optometrist

$170 $154.55 Registered optometrist eligible for Full ACO Membership but currently non practicing (due to illnees ore retired, 

taking parental or study leave) (50% discount)

Honorary Member – Life

Free Free

Life membership granted by Council to honour distinguished and honourable service

Honorary Member – Retired

Free Free

Member for 30 years or more and aged 65 or over


$170 $154.55

Resides outside Australia or New Zealand, holds an overseas qualification in optometry and is not currently registered 

to practise in Australia or New Zealand

Associate $55 $50

Those with a special interest in optometry or an allied field

1st Year Graduate* Free Free

New graduates within 12 months of qualifying from an Australian or New Zealand optometry school.  Maximum period of membership at

this level is 12 months of the calendar year immediately following their graduating year.

Student* Free Free

Free membership for students at Australian or New Zealand optometry schools .  No access to CPD points.

 Note: All fees include GST. Where a member resides overseas, GST is not applicable. 

*Non-voting member

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