Vision charts


LogMAR charts -3m and 6m

Based on the original 6 metre distance acuity chart designed by Ian. Bailey and Jan Lovie-Kitchin. This chart is designed for use at a distance of three metres. It consists of LogMAR letters (14 rows) printed on 510 x 510 mm stiff white board and comes framed in frosted aluminium. It is available with visual acuity specified using a 3 metre test distance (3/30-3/1.5) and with the conventional Snellen fraction notations (6/60-6/3).

Hi-Low contrast LogMAR chart

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This chart presents a side by side view of 2 LogMAR letter series (3/19 – 3/3.8). One is of normal contrast and the other of 10% contrast. It can be used reliably in low vision testing by reducing the test distance. The chart comes mounted in a frame for extra durability.

Johnston LogMAR visual acuity calculator

Discontinued. Stock available until sold out.

This sliding card is used for calculating acuity when using LogMAR charts at any distance and comes with instructions.

LogMAR word reading cards (Laminated)

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The reading cards are for use at a distance of 250 mm. They were designed by Ian Bailey and Jan Lovie at the NVRI and are based on the same principle as the distance charts. They contain 17 rows, each with up to six unconnected words of 4, 7 and 10 letters.

Four different word sets, printed on white card (205 x 260 mm), are supplied.

Amsler chart

This simple, robust and economical chart, printed on white card is ideal for monitoring macular performance in the consulting room or at home.

Melbourne Edge Test (MET) chart

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The chart consists of a single luminance profile in four different orientations: horizontal, vertical, 45° left, and 45° right. The MET is a non-grating contrast sensitivity chart. This test measures the contrast threshold for a single luminance profile edge, which is an aperiodic stimulus.

Printed on Epson Premium Glossy Photo paper


ProductPrice (incl GST)
3m LogMAR chart$121.00
6m LogMAR chart$121.00
Hi-Low Contrast LogMAR chart (low stock)$121.00
LogMAR word reading cards$88.00
Johnston LogMAR visual acuity calculator$15.00
Amsler chart$33.00
Melbourne Edge Test (MET) chart  (low stock)$148.50

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