Clinical Showcase:

ACO graduates show standout cases

Join us for an evening with emerging optometry leaders as we welcome current ACO graduate optometrists to present a single standout case study from their first year of practice. This event serves as a platform for budding optometrists to share their most intriguing and impactful cases with peers, optometry students, and experienced professionals.

As part of a leading public health eye care provider, ACO’s early career optometrists have faced rare conditions, challenging diagnoses and innovative treatment plans often unexplored in other optometry settings. Their presentations will speak to the breadth of eye health issues currently facing optometrists, and the perspective of a new graduate optometrist.

This evening seminar is ideal for optometry students preparing to launch their career. Learn directly from the experiences and insights of recent graduates who have successfully tackled complex cases. Discover the real-world methodologies, problem-solving approaches, and patient interactions which go beyond textbooks and lectures. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the positive eye health outcomes achieved by the ACO, which serves the community through its network of satellite clinics and diverse outreach programs.

Likewise, this seminar is perfect for experienced optometrists interested in discussing complex case management and nurturing the growth of new talents in the field.

Graduate Presentations

General Information
    • Date: Tuesday 12th March 2024
    • Time: 6pm – 8pm   (Light refreshments provided)
    • Venue: Australian College of Optometry 374 Cardigan St, Carlton, VIC
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    • Cost: Free for optometry students & ACO Members

Case overview: Xiaomin Liu

The case looks at complications that arise following cataract surgery, specifically cystoid macula oedema. A 78 Caucasian man presents to the ACO East Reservoir clinic following left cataract surgery at the RVEEH a week ago, complaining, however, that there was reduced vision in his right eye which had cataract extraction 6 months prior. The case explores the considerations and challenges of co-managing patients through the public ophthalmology system and highlights the importance of appropriate review periods to ensure the best visual outcomes.

Case overview: Jan Wang

74yo male presented in March 2023 due to new onset diplopia in right gaze which started post right cataract surgery. Ophthalmology advised this could be due to a difference in vision between the eyes post cataract operation and brain scans were initially unremarkable. This case looks into the diagnosis and management of CN4 palsy in the optometry and ophthalmological settings and how we can use prism to optimize vision for the patient.

Case overview: Diba Rezazadeh

This case looks at childhood myopia and the control of myopic progression with topical low-dose atropine. A 9-year-old South-Asian female attended the Myopia Clinic in Carlton with her parents. The case explores evidence-based practice and clinical decision-making for children who are myopic and progressing. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of treating myopia at a young age and outlines the importance of regular review periods to ensure good control and slowing down of myopic progression.

Case overview: Vinay Latchman

This case outlines the initial presentation and follow-up of a 51-year-old female patient seen within an outreach setting. The patient had very high asymmetric intraocular pressure, in addition to poor vision and a non-reactive pupil in the affected eye.

This case explores the challenging but rewarding nature of practicing optometry within an outreach setting using all resources available. It also touches on issues such as mental health, attitudes to receiving care, compliance with treatment, and managing high-pressure situations.

Case overview: Afreen Qamar

This presentation will explore the crucial role optometric care can play in relation to general health outcomes for patients. A 74-year-old Caucasian female presents to the clinic for the first time, complaining of recent onset neurological symptoms. Further optometric testing reveals homonymous hemianopia, indicating a recent stroke or tumour. She is quickly sent to the emergency department for further testing.

This case delves into the importance of optometry as the first line of contact for patients in determining general health outcomes. Moreover, it explores the significance of patient-centred environment within the ACO, which allows timely and thorough patient care.

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We’re excited to announce that registrations are open for the the ACO’s first in-person Seminar Series event in three years!

Join us at the ACO’s headquarters in Carlton for the October iteration of our FREE Seminar Series events. Refreshments will be provided from 6pm, with seminars from 7pm.

Places are strictly limited, so please ensure to secure your place by registering as soon as possible. Instructions for registration through the members portal can be found here.

General Information
    • Date: Wednesday 18 October
    • Time: From 6pm
    • Venue: Australian College of Optometry 374 Cardigan St, Carlton, VIC
    • Register: Via Members portal
    • Cost: Free for ACO Members
    • CPD: 2.5T

Further Information

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