Student membership

Complimentary for Australian and New Zealand optometry students

The Australian College of Optometry is committed to becoming a world-leading optometry organisation by supporting the education and continuous professional development of current and new generations of optometrists, advancing eye and vision care through research and providing disadvantaged communities with eye care services.

As an optometry student, you are a future leader in the field of optometry. Student membership at the ACO gives you the foundation upon which to develop your skills, professional networks and career goals.

Student member benefits:

  • ACO On-line Seminars Series, up to 10 hours of lectures a year for free
  • Access to international education resources and professional journals from the Nathan Library
  • Borrow trial lens sets, schematic eyes and cross cylinders from the Nathan Library
  • Receive ACO publications and newsletters
  • Book rooms and other facilities of the ACO for student meetings and other agreed purposes
  • Participate as a paid subject in clinical workshops

Student members will also receive their first year of ACO full membership free as a new graduate.