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Marianne Coleman’s ( Piano) publications:


    • Piano, M. E., Nguyen, B. N., Gocuk, S. A., Joubert, L. and McKendrick, A. M 2023, ‘Primary eyecare provision for people living with dementia: what do we need to know?,’ CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPTOMETRY, vol.106, no.7, pp. 711-725. doi:10.1080/08164622.2022.2140032
    • Piano, M. E., Veerhuis, N., Edwards, J., Traynor, V. and Carey, N 2023, ‘Having the conversation about vision for safe driving with older adults: an exploratory study of eyecare professional experiences in England and Australia,’ CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPTOMETRY, vol.106, no.6, pp. 666-674. doi:10.1080/08164622.2022.2105642
    • Joshi, M. R., Voison, K. J., Piano, M., Farnon, N. and Bex, P. J 2023, ‘A novel tool for quantitative measurement of distortion in keratoconus.,’ Eye (Lond), vol.37, no.9, pp. 1788-1793. doi:10.1038/s41433-022-02240-x
    • Piano, M., Diemer, K., Hall, M., Hui, F., Kefalianos, E., Lawford, B. J., McKibbin, G. and Jarden, R. J 2023, ‘A rapid review of challenges and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion as experienced by early and mid-career academics in the medicine, dentistry and health sciences fields,’ BMC MEDICAL EDUCATION, vol.23, no.1, pp. 17-. doi:10.1186/s12909-023-04252-x
    • Nguyen, B. N., Ng, J., Piano, M. E., Cochrane, A. L. and Guest, D 2023, ‘Improving optometry student interpersonal skills through online patient, clinician and student evaluation and feedback,’ CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPTOMETRY, pp. 10-. doi:10.1080/08164622.2023.2195049

Neurotechnology team publications:

    • D, Tong W, Collins DJ, Ibbotson MR, Prawer S, Stamp MEM (2023) Enhanced effective diffusion in sub-wavelength, axon-scale microchannels using surface acoustic waves. Physics of Fluids 35 (8) 035101 doi: 10.1063/5.0134605
    • Begeng JM, Tong W, del Rosal B, Ibbotson MR, Kameneva T, Stoddart P. (2023) Activity of retinal neurons can be modulated by tunable near red-infrared nanoparticle sensors. ACS Nano 17 (3) p2079-2088. doi: 10.1021/acsnano. 2c07663
    • Zarei Eskikand P, Grayden DB, Kameneva T, Burkitt AN, Ibbotson MR (2023). Understanding visual processing of motion: Completing the picture using experimentally driven computational models of MT. Rev. Neurosci. Sep 20. doi: 10.1515/revneuro-20230052; arXiv e-prints, pp.arXiv-2305
    • Falahatdoost S, Prawer Y, Peng D, Chambers A, Zhan H, Pope L, Stacey A, Ahnood A, Al Hashem H, Garrett DJ, Fox K, Clark M, Ibbotson MR, Prawer S, Tong W (2023). Control of Neuronal Survival and Development Using Conductive Diamond. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Manuscript ID: am-2023-146802
    • Lemaire W, Benhouria M, Koua K, Tong W, Martin-Hardy G, Stamp M, Ganesan K, Gauthier L-P, Besrour M, Ahnood A, Garrett D, Roy S, Ibbotson MR, Prawer S, Fontaine R (2023). Feasibility Assessment of an Optically Powered Digital Retinal Prosthesis Architecture for Retinal Ganglion Cell Stimulation. J. Neural Engineering. JNE-103502
    • Jung YJ, Sun SH, Almasi A, Yunzab M, Meffin H, Ibbotson MR (2023). Characterization of extracellular spike waveforms recorded in wallaby primary visual cortex. Front. Neurosci., accepted August 2023.

Tim Fricke’s publications:

(https://findanexpert.unimelb.edu.au/profile/1791-timothy-fricke )

    • Fricke, T. R., Metha, A. B., Anderson, D. P., Lea, A. K. and Anderson, A. J 2023, ‘Does vision therapy for visual information processing improve academic performance? A randomised clinical trial.,’ Ophthalmic Physiol Opt, vol.43, no.6, pp. 1326-1336. doi:10.1111/opo.13222101
    • Fricke, T. R., Sankaridurg, P., Naduvilath, T., Resnikoff, S., Tahhan, N., He, M. and Frick, K. D 2023, ‘Establishing a method to estimate the effect of antimyopia management options on lifetime cost of myopia,’ BRITISH JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY, vol.107, no.8, pp. 1043-1050. doi:10.1136/bjophthalmol-2021-320318
    • Fricke, T. R., Keay, L., Resnikoff, S., Tahhan, N., Koumbo, O., Paudel, P., Ayton, L. N., Britten-Jones, A. C., Kweon, S., Li, J. C. and Lee, L, et al. 2023, ‘Improving population-level refractive error monitoring via mixture distributions,’ OPHTHALMIC AND PHYSIOLOGICAL OPTICS, vol.43, no.3, pp. 445-453. doi:10.1111/opo.13105