Professional Development



Professional Development

General Information on ACO Continuing Professional Development. Includes a range of our CPD, CPD calendar and information on Certificate courses.

Information on ACO CPD

Information on How to Obtain CPD Points From ACO Education Division

August CPD Events

Sat 4 August  Clinical Workshop Infllamations of the Lids & Lacrimal Apparatus, Meibomian Gland Expression, Punctal Plug Insertion & Removal (T) 

Tue 21 August - Seminar Series Evening

Sat 25 August  AM - Clinical Workshop BIO, Scleral Indentation, Pre-corneal Fundus Lens Evaluation & Contact Fundus Lens Examination Clinical workshop
Sat 25 August PM - Gonioscopy & Other Glaucoma Assessment Techniques (T)


CPD Remote Learning 

Take a Glaucoma Self Assessment program; View the OCT By the Colors online; sign up for the webinar package or access the Seminar Series online or view our range of Online Certificate Courses

ACO National Conference 

SAVE THE DATE.  Join us in Melbourne, Saturday and Sunday 20-21 October  2018 

Registration Information

How do I register and pay for ACO Continuing Professional Development?  Book online via ;  download a registration form or call 03 9349 7477