ACO launch Victoria’s first public health Dry Eye Disease clinic

In response to the increasing prevalence of Dry Eye Disease in our community, the ACO launched Victoria’s first public health clinic dedicated to the condition in 2022. The clinic aims to improve access and equity of eye care for people with dry eyes.

Optometry Australia reported that over 77% of Australians will experience dry eye symptoms in their lifetime. Moreover, 36% of Australians report that dry eye symptoms make it difficult to concentrate at work.

Dry Eye Disease causes tired eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes, itchy eyes or watery eyes. Dry eye symptoms are one of the most common conditions that prompt people to book an eye examination. The Covid-19 Pandemic and lockdowns have exacerbated dry eye disease. Face masks have been shown to exacerbate dry eye disease in vulnerable people. Increased screen time for work, study and entertainment are also contributing factors.

Patients can expect a thorough examination to better understand how the disease is presenting and allow our optometrists to develop a tailored management strategy.

Specialised equipment helps to identify specific causes of dry eye disease, such as Incomplete Blinking, Ocular Rosacea or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. ACO is pleased to offer effective treatments such as Lipiflow, Meibomian Gland Expression, Lid Hygiene and home-based therapies.

ACO joined Dry Eye Directory along with clinics from around the world. Together, we hope to improve access and offer timely treatments for patients with dry eye disease.

Learn more about the Dry Eye Disease Clinic here or request an appointment online here.




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