ACO publish new Strategic Plan 2023-2026

The ACO has published its new strategic plan for 2023-2026 which details a sharp focus on patient care, organisational sustainability and workplace culture. Built upon extensive and valuable consultation with the Board Directors, the Executive Management Team, staff and external stakeholders, the three-year plan sets a course for significant positive change to ensure future success.


The challenges faced by the ACO are many. The gap in funding and service delivery costs, as well as the underinvestment and a lack of future-ready thinking regarding ACO facilities, systems and staff.

The ACO faces urgent structural, financial, and cultural challenges which must be addressed in order to survive and prosper.


The new strategic plan outlines the four ‘pillars’ which underpin the journey to a re-energised, future-ready ACO with a defined position as a global leader in primary public health eye care. Addressing patient care, organisational capability, financial stability, and organisational culture, this represents a fundamental shift as the ACO moves towards a unified ‘OneACO’ encompassing our traditional work in research, education and clinical practice, with a clear focus on patients at the centre of its model.


Sophie Koh, ACO Council President commented. “ACO is a special and unique place with a lot of heart and talented people. However, the organisation is facing considerable and immediate structural, financial and cultural challenges that simply must be addressed as a matter of urgency. This Strategic Plan looks to ‘secure the core’ of what we are and chart a course for us to survive and prosper, despite the challenges we, our sector and the world faces.”


“We aim to be a global leader in primary public health eye care, providing best practice and holistic care to patients in need. We want to achieve this through clinical excellence, translational clinical and public health research, knowledge building through education, and better collaboration. Patient-centred models will underpin everything we do.”


The ACO Strategic Plan 2023-2026 can be viewed here.

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