Paediatric Masterclass

Paediatric optometry is a challenging and rewarding part of our profession that offers us ample opportunities to assume a wider and continuing role in the care that we deliver to our young patients. This highly interactive masterclass, led by Rod Baker, seeks to review practical evidence based management options based on a variety of paediatric presentations.

Tim Martin will consider the effect of myopia management on binocular vision, and in particular evaluate factors that will help tailor our treatment to each patient. Zeinab Fakih will explore the clinical management of a hyperopic child, reviewing complexities and complications which may arise, and when ophthalmological referral is warranted. Ebru Efem will delve into the world of ocular therapeutics in relation to children, discussing guidelines, psychosocial implications and management of ocular disease in our young patients.

These sessions will incorporate intimate discussion and participation amongst attendees.

General Information
    • Date: Sunday 30 June 2024
    • Time: 8:30am – 1pm
    • Venue: Australian College of Optometry 374 Cardigan St, Carlton, VIC
    • Cost:
      Members: AUD $200
      Non Members: AUD $280
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Team of Experts

Rod Baker


About Rod

Rod Baker is an Optometrist and Clinical Educator interested in Child and Adolescent Health. Graduating in 1988, Rod is an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne and has previously been an Associate Professor at Flinders University, establishing Paediatric Teaching in the Masters program. Rod has been a Fellow of the ACO since 1990 contributing as a Clinical Instructor for 10 years, Head of Paediatric Services, Councillor Chair of Clinical Services and Manager of Continuing Education. Rod has been a community-based Optometrist based in Sunbury, Victoria since 2005.

Tim Martin


About Tim

After graduating from optometry at the University of Melbourne in 2007, Tim started working in Gippsland at L&F Eyecare, building on interests in paediatric care and disease management. After managing many hyperopes, amblyopes and esotropes, returning to the city presented a previously rare challenge of a myope! Since then, he has tracked the journey of many young myopes, of which several are now adults. Now his week is split between private practice at Martin & Wilson Eyecare and working as Lead Clinical Teaching Instructor at Melbourne Eyecare Clinic, working in the general and paediatric clinics.


Zeinab Fakih


About Zeinab

Zeinab Fakih graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2009 with therapeutic endorsement. Zeinab went on to complete a Graduate Certificate in University Teaching from The University of Melbourne, a Master’s Degree of Public Health from University of Sydney and a Certificate of Children’s Vision through the Australian College of Optometry (ACO). She has a keen interest in teaching and has worked as both a senior clinical teaching instructor at the University of Melbourne and in teaching clinics at the ACO. Zeinab is passionate about the provision of eye care to disadvantaged populations, and is currently the Manager of Paediatrics and Rehabilitative Services at the ACO.

Dr Ebru Efem


About Ebru

Ebru completed Bachelor of Health Sciences/ Master of Orthoptics in 2016 and Bachelor of Vision Science and Master of Optometry with Ocular Therapeutics in 2020. Ebru has worked at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne as a paediatric Orthoptist since 2017. Her career to date has seen her work with various ophthalmologists with sub-specialties in paediatrics, oculoplastic, glaucoma and retinal disease. In addition, Ebru sees patients in her private optometry practice iOptical, which she has co-founded in 2022. Ebru is also a clinical educator at La Trobe University Orthoptics Department.

Presented by Tim Martin

As clinicians discussing myopia control with children and parents we are often asked, “which treatment is the best?”.

We are fortunate to have a number of evidence based options to choose from. Sometimes all are suitable, other times our options are more limited. This lecture will discuss factors that can help us tailor our answer, to select the best option or options, for the patient in front of us.

Presented by Zeinab Fakih

This lecture will detail the evaluation of a child with hyperopia. Factors which may influence management including age and presenting signs and symptoms will be discussed, as well as binocular vision anomalies and learning difficulties associated with hyperopia. Primary and secondary hyperopia, and it’s systemic associations will be considered. This lecture will review complications of hyperopia and when ophthalmological investigation is warranted.

Presented by Dr Ebru Efem

This lecture will aim to review the practical applications of ocular therapeutics in paediatric patients. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate evidence-based management of paediatric patients with various ocular conditions with reference to diagnosis and management such as the disorders of the cornea, conjunctiva, lacrimal system and glaucoma. Ocular therapeutics in myopia and amblyopia management will also be reviewed. Lastly, the psychosocial impact of eye drop use in paediatric care will be discussed.

Further Information

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