Therapeutics Refresher Day

2 October 2022

We’re back!

After two long years of COVID, the ACO’s in-person Therapeutics Refresher course is returning this October.

This one-day, in person short course is ideal for optometrists who want to further their expertise in oral and topical therapeutics and gain practical insights into the contemporary management of keratoconus, myopia, uveitis and glaucoma.

As optometrists play an ever-growing role in the therapeutic management of ocular disease, it is important to consider the appropriate context and use of both topical and oral medications in optometric practice. This comprehensive course has a strong focus on the next frontier of optometry: optometry’s role in oral therapeutics. This session on ocular therapeutics is designed to provide candidates with relevant theory to enhance their patient care together with interactive case study analysis.

Course Program

Lecture 1
Oral Prescribing for Optometrists
Presented by Associate Professor, Mark Roth

Lecture 2
The Growing Role of Cycloplegics in Paediatric Optometry
Presented by Elisse Higginbotham

Lecture 3
Corneal Ectasias and Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking Update
Presented by Dr Nathan Wong

Lecture 4
The Challenges of Diagnosing and Managing Glaucoma in Myopia
Presented by Dr Alp Atik

Lecture 5
Anterior Segment Inflammation Update
Presented by Dr Robyn Troutbeck

Further Information

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

03 9349 7477


General Information
  • Date: Sunday 2 October 2022
    Time: 9am – 4pm
    Venue: Australian College of Optometry 374 Cardigan St, Carlton, VIC
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  • Registration:
    Register online at www.trybooking.com/CBICD. Alternatively, download a registration form or call us on 03 9349 7477.
  • Cost:
    Members:          AUD $250     NZ $225
    Non Members:  AUD $300     NZ $270